How To: Maintain Your Worth in the Workplace

Modern Day Industry

It is not even about the experience on your resume anymore – we are back to the basics – the fundamentals of the industry. It is about proving how fast and efficiently you are able to learn, maintain your position, and get to the next level.

I am in competition with myself. A constant voice in my head of “this is not enough.”

If you do not have a motivating voice in your head – please work at developing one – begin by reading: You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Book by Jen Sincero

About 6 months back, when I was inquiring about getting into the Digital Marketing department – my Work Best Friend advised me to never let anyone tell me that my age or experience is the reason I am not getting paid what I am worth. Keep pushing and if they don’t respond, move on (We definitely had the same conversation about the men in my life). Same lesson, Different environment.

A millionaire did not become a millionaire by settling for the bare minimum – unless you are a trust fund baby…but don’t we all hate y’all.

I want to be a millionaire. Don’t you? Maybe you are like me and don’t aspire to run your own business – at least not yet – but you want to make six figures within the next three years and feel good about the paycheck you receive every other week.

Know Your Strengths

Write them down. When I needed to propose that I wasn’t being paid enough, I wrote down where I started and what I am currently doing – significantly more advanced. This is also a way for you to figure out if it is worth bringing up the topic at this point in time. Mine was more than applicable and quite frankly, I don’t believe in time limits.

Nothing burns you out faster than basically working for free. If you have expertise in something, make it known, and keep asking. Much like your personal life choices, your work life choices are in your hands too – especially your wage.

TIP: Having your strengths written down makes it easy to build or update a resume!

Don’t Believe The Politics

If you are constantly hounding your boss about a salary increase and they aren’t listening, go directly past them even if it seems disrespectful. What is disrespectful is the fact that they aren’t doing everything they can to keep you on their team. Go to their boss or the director of your department – ask questions, find your answers, keep inquiring until you find what you are looking for.

Much like if one doctor is not listening to you about your symptoms and you are STILL sick, go to a different doctor until one listens.

Conversations like this take courage. It is not easy to discuss what you feel you are worth to a company – but one thing is for certain, do NOT let them tell you what you are worth. There is something empowering about being able to vouch for yourself confidently, without hesitation – I promise you, no one else in the industry will vouch for you the way you vouch for yourself. Do it.

Preparation Protocol

More often than not, the company you work for will not be perfect and they will drag their feet when it comes to giving you that promotion or salary increase. I recommend you occupy your time with the following:

Set a timeline

I give corporations 1-3 months to figure out whatever they need to figure out. I make my expectations clear and proceed from there. If by 3 months, something is not decided on, then I know my answer.

Actively apply – – recruiters – use. your. resources. Put yourself out there. The job market can be more intimidating than a tinder date – shoot your shot!!!

Have patience

Ah – something I don’t have.

Trust the process. It builds character to be patient enough to wait and receive something rewarding. Patience also helps eliminate the stress that this type of situation might be causing you. Don’t lose faith in the industry or humanity just because one company might be taking you for granted.

Maintain your work ethic

What you accomplish through your current employer, you can confidently put on your resume and talk about in interviews. Bonus!

If you need further assistance with resumes, professional online presence, or professional development in general – please feel free to email me at

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