How To: Survive Corporate Your First 90 Days

Seek To Understand FIRST.

Listen. Listen. Ask Questions. Listen again. Get to know the process – truly – inside and out.

Spend Time By Yourself.

Spend time exploring your resources – the best part of working in Corporate is many things you had to pay for in college are now free and accessible to YOU!

Don’t worry so much about making friends – that will happen naturally. When you focus on solidifying your position, you attract the right people that will help you thrive in your career by committing yourself to excelling in it every day – plus your boss will love that they never have to have “the talk.”

Listen To Your Gut.

That person you feel the need to approach? Do it. That process that seems backwards? Say something. Ask WHY often but learn how to ask why without whining.

Embrace Mistakes!

Ok. I am going to be honest – I have been spoken to, pulled aside, let down ‘gently’ many times in my first 90 days BUT those were the moments that I learned the most about my job, the people I work with, and most importantly – MYSELF.

Those moments are also opportunities for your boss to learn more about you and how you conduct yourself receiving feedback or constructive criticism. Take these moments to claim responsibility for your reaction/action/method/etc., and explain why without pushing the blame on someone else. I found that people will be more understanding if you rationally explain why you did what you did and own up to it right away.

Find a Work Best Friend.

Work Best Friend or Mentor – whatever works for you. I came across that term when I worked for Levi’s and I have lived by it ever since. A work best friend is sure to keep you on track and motivate you to want more for yourself within your career. A work best friend does not commend taking long breaks, showing up late, or not being compliant to company policies – rather they notice and keep you in line…but in a kind regard.

*One of my favorite things about Skechers is my Work Best Friend. He never expects me to do something but rather gives me advice and hopes that I will make the best decision for myself. He holds ME accountable for MYSELF. He sees what I bring to the table and reminds me of that daily.

No Obligations.

Going out to lunch each day is not normal – do not feel the need to follow the corporate trend(s). As a matter of fact – a little secret about corporate is that people who eat out each day actually wish they were the person with enough discipline to meal prep, save money, and feel awake throughout the entire day without three-five cups of coffee!

*My Work Best Friend taught me about the toilet bowl syndrome. Read up on it!

Apply For Company Benefits.



For the love of G– PLEASE do your body and mind a favor and EXERCISE!

You WILL be stressed. You will not want to go back the next morning. You will have excessive anger towards your coworkers some days.

Take the time to get in the gym – run, attend a spin class with a coworker/friend, or lift. It helps immensely, trust me. Exercising has direct correlations with career success and happiness. Coffee and energy drinks are not your friend – this is not college.

Get. In. The. Gym.

Be Courageous In Your Opinion

I found it frustrating when I wasn’t being completely heard by Month 2. Have no fear! Find data that supports your proposal and speak it over and over and over. Someone will hear you – and when they do and see the results – You will have gained their trust and respect all in one.

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