I love waking up to you.

You ever see someone naked?
Truly naked without their emotional walls and clothing. A vulnerability so beautiful that you roll over in the morning and can’t keep your lips off them.
They lay there enjoying your love whilst trying to maintain their rest and you just notice how their skin glows in the half morning.
How seeing them with no clothing is one of the most innocent ways you can see someone. You could hurt them in that moment. You could damage their soul but they trust you anyways to protect their heart which has become so close that there is only a layer of skin protecting it.
You wonder if someone has ever looked at you that way. I guess that’s why we watch people sleep. Because we have the ability to see their soul with just our eyes at that moment.
I wonder how many people have seen my soul.
With any man I’ve ever loved, truly. I’ve watched you sleep and I’ve felt you cuddle up to me when you needed it most. Grasping for love like I was going to run away or disappear. Made me wonder who hurt you that bad that you were clawing after intimacy like it’s not an on-going connection between two people.
I got you.

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