How to Survive a Love you thought was for You.

Whether you loved, were in-love, falling out of love, falling deep IN-love, or simply had a basic connection with someone you thought might in-fact go somewhere...we all need that little reminder on how to survive once that love runs away, dissolves, or goes up into flames. Cry. Many people avoid this step. In-fact, some don't … Continue reading How to Survive a Love you thought was for You.


The Secret To Postcards

It’s normal isn’t it? Julie begged for reassurance. What? Casey, Julie’s best friend, turned away from the counter to look at Julie with a puzzled look. To have second thoughts during my pregnancy, Julie reiterated. Well, I guess so. I have never been pregnant, Casey replied. Julie, an inherited wealth, first-time mom of Orange County … Continue reading The Secret To Postcards


I started being more present.

I started being more present. I noticed people dying around me and I saw myself on the road to making a regretful mistake. I emotionally fell off after high school. I despised a lot of my high school friends, couldn’t stand my family, and ran away from a terrible break up. The spiral just kept … Continue reading I started being more present.

How To: Survive Corporate Your First 90 Days

Seek To Understand FIRST. Listen. Listen. Ask Questions. Listen again. Get to know the process - truly - inside and out. Spend Time By Yourself. Spend time exploring your resources - the best part of working in Corporate is many things you had to pay for in college are now free and accessible to YOU! … Continue reading How To: Survive Corporate Your First 90 Days